Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hair Horror Stories

What was Britney Spears thinking? I was shocked when I popped online this weekend and saw that she had shaved her head. She had such beautiful hair too. Part of me thinks, OK, she's in Hollywood and the famous people will do anything to get their name and face in the magazines. Then another part of me thinks, WOW, she needs some help!

I've never gone as far as to shave my head, but I've had my fair share of bad hairstyles. Growing as a "New Kids on the Block" fan, me and some of my girlfriends had hair that came to our chins with a long, braided tail going down our back....gross, I know. My sisters still don't let me forget that look.

I suppose Britney is just trying to express herself, but I wonder if her kids even recognize her.

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Michael Dunn said...

New Kids on the Block! and you aren't even embarrassed about posting that little bit of information....too funny Holly!