Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Girly Spot

So if you missed this morning's 'Girly Spot', here's what we talked about.

Britney is no original when it comes to shaving her head bald. Others have gone bald before, it's just that most women in Hollywood do it for a movie role--not because they've completely wigged out!

Here's some examples:

Natalie Portman for her role in 'V for Vendetta'; Sigourney Weaver for her role in 'Alien 3' and who could forget Demi Moore's bald head for her role in 'G.I. Jane'

I'll tell you what, I'm not jumping on that bandwagon anytime soon!

Also, if you need to lose weight and tone up fast, here's four classic moves that work from some of Hollywood's top trainers:

1) Crunches
2) Squats
3) Push Ups
4) Bicep Curls

Now we just need to find the time to do it!

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