Monday, August 13, 2007

Ladder Golf

So Aaron was nice enough to put together a Ladder Golf game for us. He was determined to have 6 of the golf balls be a different color other than white. After looking all over town for different colored golf balls he decided to spray paint them red.

As I'm sitting in the living room watching this unfold, Aaron proceeds to walk onto our porch and lay down a piece of newspaper. He grabs the golf balls and the spray paint and I suggested to spray the golf balls on the grass so it won't matter if it gets on anything. Aaron laughed it off telling me he "has everything under control".

15 minutes later I hear a 4-letter word come out of my husband's mouth, I walk out to the porch and sure enough there's red spray paint on the plants, the pots, and the ground. Now it looks like we'll have to buy a second floor mat for our porch.

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Beth said...

How funny about the golf balls!!! We live on the Little Suamico River and also have a pond. Well, we have a lot of turtles in our pond and we even built them a raft to sun bathe on. We were getting a lot of turtles in the pond as they were coming from the river. Well my husband Michael decided to paint the shells of the turtles red to see how many turtles were coming back to our pond after he put them in the river. To his amazement most of them came back. So we had a summer of red-shelled turtles which were a hit of the family reunion and parties.