Thursday, August 2, 2007

bridge in Minneapolis

After hearing about the horrific bridge collapse that happened yesterday in Minneapolis, I started thinking about Northeast Wisconsin and how the majority of this area is divided by the Fox and how we can't avoid bridges. With that thought I was looking online and found this article at on how to escape a sinking car. It's a scary thought, but unfortunately it can happen.


"Every year, an estimated 11,000 people accidentally plunge their cars into lakes or rivers. Would you know what to do? Former Marine Charles Ingram has life-saving advice on how you can escape a sinking car. The Fastest MethodIf your car enters the water, it should float for a minute or two. Unhook your seatbelt and lower the window (most electric windows should still work while you're floating). Do not try to open the door, because the water pressure will keep it from budging. If Your Window Won't OpenYou'll have to wait for the interior of the car to fill up with water. At that point, the water pressure inside and outside the car will be equal and you'll be able to open the door to escape. Wait until the water reaches your neck, and do the P.O.G.O. P stands for push; push the button to release your seat belt. O is for open; open your door. Now that the car is flooded, it has the same water pressure as the lake or river. The door should open without much of a fight. Finally, GO is for get out. Push yourself out of the car and swim as fast as you can to the surface."

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Beth said...


We had planned a vacation to go along the Mississppi River a while before the MN bridge collapse. Well, we still ventured out and I screamed over most of the bridges as went across---but the one to Lansing, Minnesota has got to go. It was horrible. I screamed over the whole thing and wore the map on my head. It is like rollercoaster. I will be checking the naughty bridge list to make sure this one is on it. It had a long span on it without any suppot at all. Anyway, I am putting a life jacket in our vehicle on our next vacation. I think they should have the cushion on your seat in your car just like the one in the airplane that they can be used for a floating device. I should on the Inventor show next time.