Monday, May 7, 2007

I am a bad person?

Today I was at Target on Lime Kiln trying on a pair of shorts. Turns out I needed another size and that Target didn't have it. I went up to 'Jo' working the fitting rooms and I asked her if she could call Target West.

She went ahead and made the call and was put on hold. After 5 minutes of waiting the line got disconnected and Jo offered to call the store again. This time she was put on ahold for a second time and again she got disconnected. Jo told me it wasn't a big deal and she called them back.

In the meantime, a woman was standing at the fitting room counter waiting to get the number for her fitting room. While Jo continued to call Target west, this woman was shifting her weight while huffing and puffing in frustration.

Still on hold, Jo finally got this woman her room number and as she walks by me she said "That's very rude of you to make her call, why not just drive over their yourself!" and she walked into the fitting rooms.

I didn't even have time to say anything to the woman! Instead I thanked Jo for helping me and I left. It was just another reminder of how hard it must be to work in customer service!

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