Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why did it have to be Red?

Last night Aaron and I were just hanging out and we decided to open a bottle of wine. We usually drink white wines, but someone bought us a bottle of Merlot. A few glasses later I decided to stand up and walk to the kitchen with the full glass of wine in my hand. (You can imagine what happened next) I trip up on our area rug and wine fell out of the glass and onto the WHITE carpet! After a few 4-letter words I grabbed a rag and carpet spray and I go to work on the stain. Ten minutes go by and the stain is still there. I went online and read about using warm water and dish soap, still nothing worked.

But I'm laughing at myself because I psyched myself out. Hundreds of times I've walked around the house carrying coffee, milk, tea, soda, white wine and I never spilled any of it. Then we opened the Merlot and bam, I spill the wine. The moral of the story is that I just need to calm down when I'm walking and the next time we drink red wine we need to be on our back porch.

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