Friday, March 9, 2007

Yeah for warm weather...

There's hope, we will see the grass someday soon! I walked out of work today and stepped into a huge puddle and soaked my shoes and socks, but I LOVED it, because it means Spring is on the way.

What's funny is seeing neighbors you didn't even know you had. I saw a couple out walking with a baby in a stroller. Who knew they had a kid? Must have happened over the holidays!

And it's amazing how 45 degrees feels so warm in Wisconsin during this time of the year. I had my windows down in my car jamming out to some music and then laughed because if this was summer and 45 degrees, I'd have a winter jacket on the heat cranking.

My most important thing to do this weekend, is the get my car washed. Yep, I'll probably see you in the car wash line like the rest of Northeast Wisconsin!

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