Friday, June 29, 2007

Mason Street

Today I turned onto east Mason to find that traffic was backed up for blocks and no one was moving. After 10 minutes cars slowly moved forward and we could see police and ambulance lights. It turns out there was a bad accident and they needed to pick up after it. We all know Mason is already a pain to drive down because of the construction, but it doesn't help when cars are speeding down the road and not giving themselves enough time to brake for someng making a left turn.

A similar situation happened a few weeks ago to my sister and her car was banged up pretty bad. None of us are perfect drivers, but it concerns me to see kids walking on the sidewalk along Mason and construction workers are doing their job in the street and people continue to fly down Mason. We have a long way to go until Mason is done and we might as well just take our time and be nice to each other on the road.


Michael Dunn said...

Yeah you're right Holly, Mason is a mess! That's why I don't use the street until it's done! HA Hey that's my last name! Ha Ha

idahokartoonman said...

I enjoyed your blogspot...hang in there...... Joe